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    Holistic and natural balance
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    you feel tired ?
  • You

    often get sick ?
  • Have you

    no taste for food or no appetite ?
  • Do you feel

    heavy or lazy ?
  • In your body,

    something not functioning properly ?
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Kitchari recipe

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It is possible to make healthy and nourishing food withing 30 minutes. There are many recipies of Kitchari, but here is my little twist on it. I hope you enjoy it. Scroll down to find the recipe in text format.

Kitchari recipe

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Practical training

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Hello beautiful friends, acquaintances and strangers.
I have started the last year of MS Maharishi Ayurveda and Integrative medicine, and I would need help from you to get more practical experience of assessing people, and afterwards to study the cases.

Pulse reading

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Update from my side

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Hello wonderful people

The last 12 months have been extremely busy for me. It is hard to balance work, studies and family life. Last period I have had many doubts to be able to finish the 3rd year which begins in one month, it is really really tough study with many assignments each week and exams after each block. The fact that I am working too, makes my study time only after my son is in bed, which is not the recommended ayurvedic way at all.


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