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Welcome to Kayagni

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Welcome to the page of natural way of thinking and living.
It is very clear that most of us are surrounded with material things that we even not remembered we have obtained. It is just a thing that is nice to have but we never use. Almost the same with our body, we have incredible things and functions inside which we never thought existed or how we can use it.

The blog on this webpage will contain my journey to become healthier, to share my education progress and ideas. I have done my first year as a MS student at Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, and I am studying part-time online for two more years, the program is called Maharishi Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine. Earlier I did take some Ayurvedic cooking classes, and I have also taken extra classes of Healthy Gut. It is very interesting how our gut bacteria controlling our body. Many researches are going on right now to find out how to influence the gut bacteria for the weight loss, this is just one of many examples.

Just for to return back to the subject Ayurveda, it is interesting to learn how “easy” it is to balance yourself or prevent disease by eating proper food, good lifestyle, good daily routine according to your body type (constitution). It is well-known that we all are individual, we all have different needs when it comes to diet and exercise. A physician or therapist can not create one single health program that will help everyone. Every program need to be tailored to every single human being. On the other side, our body is a complex pharmacy, we just need to let our body work as it was supposed to from the time we were born. How can we come to this point? Speaking of myself, I still have long way to become totally balanced and where my body can repair itself. I have lived a “rough” life for a long time, and then the body needs a long time to recover. However, I feel I am on a good way, I have done a lot of things to improve my diet, and I have added some magnificent daily routine to help me. It is very enlightenment to see all the improvements I have done so far. I still have lot of work with my lifestyle, but at the moment it is difficult because I am working, studying and having family life. It is stressful with a busy lifestyle, but manageable. I mentioned it is easy to change, it is far away from easy to change any deep-rooted habits. You have to go deep down into yourself, it takes time, it takes courage, it takes a lot of effort, you get lost on the way and you feel so alone especially when your family-members eating your favorite dish.

BUT it is possible to change, and I hope with this site I can encourage you and help you to the point of your self-referral. This is the thing with Ayurveda, you should know yourself, what you are prone for and what is good for you, only then you can live a balanced life. The changing process should be enjoyable and straight forward, otherwise it will be a strain, and that is not helping you. Keywords are enjoyable and blissful. You are very welcome to come with any suggestions or questions.

I will end my first post with an Ayurvedic Proverb:

"Without proper diet, medicine is of no use.
With proper diet, medicine is of no need"


Randi Eriksen, founder of Kayagni

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