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Enhance Immunity

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To my family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances

In light of this situation, we are facing in the world these days (COVID-19): I have added a few simple things that will increase your immunity. Stronger immunity might prevent you from getting infected or if infected with lighter symptoms. You can follow what you think is necessary or easiest for you.

The season is about to change from winter to spring (some places the spring is already here). All the things, like toxins or blockages, which are stored in your body during the winter season we want to remove before entering a new season. The first rule is DIGESTION. Choose food and lifestyle that are easy to digest.


Warm water recommendation; boil water for minimum 10 minutes, then add the water in a thermos and drink/sip small cups throughout the day. Drink or sip it warm and not hot.

Light diet, warm meals 3 x per day, homecooked, organic, eat more vegetables or grains, choose healthy snacks. Avoid anything with yeast, and if you must have bread, then it is better to toast it first. Avoid cold food and drinks; the cold things will shut down the digestion. Avoid eating what creates discomfort for you; the food should easy to digest. When the sun is highest in the sky, it is when your digestion is strongest and therefore eat the biggest meal at lunch. Breakfast and dinner should be lighter because digestion is weaker. Avoid sugar and salt. Appreciate the food, avoid eating while working or watching TV, eat-in settle environment, chew thoroughly, let the food settle/digest before leaving the table.

A 30 minutes daily brisk walking is sufficient enough, especially in the morning sun. Even if the sun has not raised yet, the sun rays give you powerful and energetic qualities throughout the day. Walking in nature, and walking is calming the mind. For those who are not able to walk so long, 5-10 minutes are fine too. Take care of whom you are walking with, avoid crowds. General rule, follow the recommendation from authorities.

Fresh air
It is essential to breathe in pure air so that our blood can deliver enough oxygen to every cell. How we are breathing is also crucial. Are you stressed, angry, depressed or having panic attacks? All the mental conditions will affect the way we are breathing and resulting in less oxygen to cell, and that might lead to a compromised immune system. Learn meditation or breathing techniques.

The sun gives a good portion of D-vitamin and promotes the immunity system, try to get sunlight each day. Why not combine with Exercise and fresh air at the same time?

Other supplements
Antioxidants or other vitamins can be wise to add in the daily intake.

It helps to be thankful and appreciate what you have. Each day try to find one thing you are thankful for. Could be small things like: “I am grateful for my shoes”, “I am grateful for my food”, “I am grateful for the birds”, “I am grateful that my neighbour is not yelling” etc.

In case I can help you to find a specific diet for you or other supplements that will help to enhance immunity. Use the contact form.  Final words, follow the recommendation from the authorities, we have no one to lose.

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